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It Takes Experience, Skill & A Proven Approach

Whether you need marketing writing that sells, informs or does both, to be effective it must be based on a thorough understanding of copywriting techniques, your products or services, your market and more.

To ensure that the text for your marketing piece is right on target, I follow a proven four-step writing process:

  1. Ask Questions – Since good copywriting requires a wealth of information, the starting point is an extensive telephone interview with you. What benefits does your organization provide? What drives your target audience? What objections do prospects raise during the sales process? Etc.

  2. Write – Next Linda will put pen to paper (actually, fingers to keyboard) to produce the first working draft of your project.

  3. Revise – Because minor revisions are a normal part of the writing process, all prices include two rounds of revisions.

  4. Finish –The project is finalized, giving you professionally-written text that meets your needs and goals.

What Others Are Saying

"Linda is somehow able to pull information out of my head, like magic, and turn a bunch of disjointed thoughts into an easily-accessible and well-written article."

Aaron Geer,
Systems Engineer, Coyote Creek