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Finding great images for your blogs can be a challenge, but it’s worth spending a little time looking for the right one. While I’ve got nine tips for doing so below, I’d like to add a tenth tip here. For images that contain people, be sure these are people that your ideal target audience can relate to. For example, if your target audience is recent college graduates in California, you wouldn’t want all of your images to be of middle-aged white businessmen.


Because visual content is so important, if you have a blog you should not overlook the importance of finding an image that will enhance and draw eyeballs to your post. Here are nine tips for doing so, and some examples from my and my clients’ posts:

  1. Tie in to your post’s headline – You can also search for something that represents part of your title. If necessary, alter your headline to include a word that lends itself to a relevant image.

    Transform or Die.jpg

  2. Tie in to a theme or idea from within your post – Look through your blog post for references, analogies or other concepts that might make for a good image.

    Dont let fear hold you back.jpg

  3. Look for eye-catching images – As you’re evaluating images, think about if they’re compelling or not.

    Review Year-End Cash Flow.jpg

  4. Use pictures that show emotions – This is especially helpful if the image contains people.

    Stop wasting resources.jpg

  5. Try to avoid the cliché – This can be easier said than done, especially if you’re using free stock photo sites, such as Pixabay or Freestock, where the choices are much more limited.

    Why Should I Trust You.jpg

  6. Create an image that uses text – If you can’t find the perfect image, try adding a quote, tip or headline from the post to an existing image.

    Week without meetings.jpg

  7. Be funny – Well, be funny and relevant.

    The Wrong Kind of Surprise.jpg

  8. See what others are doing – If you’re really stuck for ideas, look for other people’s posts on similar topics, and see what types of images they used.

  9. Check how it looks real small – A huge percentage of your readers access the internet on their smart phones. Think about how your images will look on a small screen.

Of course, I should also mention the importance of not infringing on copyright laws. To ensure you have the right to use your chosen image, use a reputable stock photo site.


Don Welker provides part-time CFO service for growing businesses that can use the assistance of a seasoned, executive-level financial manager but are not yet big enough to need someone there full-time.

The blog that I help Don write showcases his broad expertise in financial analysis, controls and oversight; obtaining business loans; hiring the right employees; getting the right insurances in place; creating strategic plans; and much more. Check it out at, and be sure to notice how Don uses images to enhance each post.

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