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CSP Networks provides expert IT management, monitoring and support, becoming the outsourced "IT department" for small businesses. For one surprisingly affordable fixed monthly fee you can enjoy...

  • Unlimited on-site and remote technical support
  • Dedicated IT consultants
  • 24/7 network administration and monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Secure off-site data storage
  • "C" level management and strategy
  • Quick recovery from disaster
  • Website and email hosting

...and more.

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Dear Linda,

One of our customers is a financial services company, and their business really depends on their data. Before we started managing their IT they were running nightly data backups onto a tape drive. Every month or two the business owner would take one of these backup tapes to his home, the designated "offsite storage" location.

If anything went wrong it could take up to 72 hours to find and access the backed up data from the tape. But if the backup had failed or the tape was lost, stolen or ruined in a disaster, they would simply be out of luck.

CSP Networks came in and got the company set up with our off-site data storage plan. Now if disaster strikes they can be back in business, with all of their data intact, in just a matter of hours.

Best wishes,

Ryan Dillon

Off-Site Data Storage:
Protect Your Business from Disaster

It's 2:00 am and the phone rings. It's your building manager. There's been a fire, and between the fire, the smoke and the water damage, your office is a total loss. Your computers, your data, your files - all gone. Now what?

Could Your Business Survive without Your Data?

Most businesses are fairly good about running daily or weekly backups of their data, but many make the mistake of storing these backups on site. This is really not a good idea. If disaster should strike their building, their primary and backup files would all be lost.

Imagine losing all of your business' work in progress, completed projects, contact lists, financial information, customer files, human resources data and so forth. Would your business survive?

Protect Your Livelihood from Disaster

The unfortunate reality is that disasters do happen. Fire, flood, theft, earthquakes, data corruption, human error, the list goes on. That's why every business should have a business continuum and disaster recovery plan in place. And a vital part of that plan should be off-site data storage.

How Off-Site Data Storage Works

CSP Networks offers an off-site data storage plan that is safe, flexible, reliable, easy to implement and extremely affordable - fees start as low as $50 per month (or even lower for those who use off-site storage as part of our full managed IT service plan). The way it works is that your data is encrypted and then uploaded to three secure, geographically dispersed data centers. You decide how often to backup your system, and how many previous versions of each file to retain. We'll manage the process for you, ensuring that backups all take place as scheduled. Then, in the event of an emergency, all of your data and files will be immediately available.  

No business should go without off-site data storage, an important and affordable part of a solid disaster recovery plan.


What Others Are Saying

"Linda's work exceeds my expectations. She has the ability to quickly grasp the benefit to the target market and then concentrate the piece/offer on that benefit. Linda is easy to work with, turns things around quickly, and produces pieces that require only minor revisions (if any at all)."

Alex Rosenberg,
President, Storage Valet