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Do Your Contractors Make You Look Good?

Every time you recommend a general contractor to a client, you're putting your firm's reputation on the line. Which is why you need to ask yourself: do you have complete confidence in every contractor that bids on your jobs?

My name is Mark Frauman. As a general contractor who has had a perfect "zero complaint" record with the CSLB since 1981, I'd be honored to have my firm, HB Contracting, added to your bid list.

Just like the enclosed tool will help keep your keyboard and screen looking good, as your recommended contractor my number one priority will be to make you look good. How? By doing excellent work at reasonable prices, and protecting you and your clients from the scourge of expensive change orders. My contracts actually cap change order markups to a very limited margin over cost!

In fact, HB Contracting is known as a proactive partner with extensive construction knowledge and project management expertise - a contractor that you can depend on to:

  • Eliminate most change orders by working closely with you during the planning phase to identify and resolve potential problems.
  • Complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Provide multiple reasonable options when issues arise.
  • Keep everyone in the loop throughout the project, greatly reducing the amount of time you need to spend on site.

I would appreciate the opportunity to come by and introduce myself. Please contact me at 949-215-1103 or to schedule a meeting time that is convenient for you.


Mark Frauman
HB Contracting, Inc
Construction | Refurbishment | Remodeling


What Others Are Saying

"Linda's work exceeds my expectations. She has the ability to quickly grasp the benefit to the target market and then concentrate the piece/offer on that benefit. Linda is easy to work with, turns things around quickly, and produces pieces that require only minor revisions (if any at all)."

Alex Rosenberg,
President, Storage Valet