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As a professional who sells marketing writing services, I have to convince complete strangers that I know what I’m doing, that they’ll like what I write for them, and that my writing will help them reach their marketing goals. All sight unseen. Establishing my credibility and creating trust is critical.

If you face a similar challenge, this article is for you!


It is said that people buy from people and companies that they know, like and trust. But how do you get someone who has never met you or done business with your company to trust you? While I’ve written before about things that you can include in your marketing materials to build credibility and trust, today I’d like to turn to classical rhetoric (i.e. the art of persuasion and effective communication, as explained by the Ancient Greeks) for three more ideas.

Here’s what they recommend—and my take on how this advice can apply to your business’ marketing program:

  1. Establish your authority – If you are selling services, it is especially important that your marketing materials explain your qualifications. Has your company successfully painted 3,267 area homes in the past 18 years? Do you have a relevant college degree and seven advanced certifications in your field? Have you written a book, given a keynote or done anything else to demonstrate your knowledge? These are all things that you should share. 

  2. Show that you are fair & impartial – The Ancient Greeks recommended that you find ways to demonstrate that you are a “disinterested” party who has the prospect’s best interests at heart. Content marketing, which involves giving prospects helpful information that they want and need—but without directly selling anything—is an excellent way to do this. As an added bonus, it can also help establish your authority.

  3. Create a sense of connection – Help prospects see that other people who share their virtues and belong to their tribe are already happy customers of your business. Headlines such as “Find out why 23,955 of your peers have already signed up for this event” or “5 Reasons Why Realtors Recommend Uptown Home Staging” are great ways to introduce this information.


Southern California Warehousing is a strategically-located warehouse in Los Angeles that offers a cost-effective and fully scalable warehousing and distribution solution. If you take a look at the website that I wrote for them, you can see some of the things that I did to create a sense of connection.

It all starts with the home page headline, “Your Partner for Success.” We’re “your partner” – we’re connected. Plus, as demonstrated on the About Us page, which talks about how Southern California Warehousing has been meeting the third party logistics needs of large and small organizations (i.e. the prospect’s “tribe”) since 2003, we’re partners with your peers, too. The testimonials that appear on every page from these other “tribe members” are also helpful.

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