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I recently read about a study that found that the number one reason why sales people do not make use of the articles, infographics, white papers and other content that their marketing people create is that they can’t find it. They know it’s in the system somewhere, but they have no idea where.

The solution is to create a sales content library, with everything clearly titled and categorized by purpose. One file is for lead generation content, another for conversion content, and so forth. Problem solved!


As I explained in a previous article on “What You Need to Know about Content Marketing,” “content marketing” refers to the creation and sharing of informative content (such as blogs, e-books, webinars, etc.) in order to attract and engage potential customers.

While content marketing is commonly used to generate leads for the sales team, it is also great for helping the sales team turn those leads into sales. The trick is to educate your sales people on how they can make the most of the content you’re producing.

Here are some of the ways that your sales people can utilize your marketing content:

  • Establish themselves as experts – Many prospects who avoid “sales people” are interested in getting advice from a knowledgeable expert in the field. To help establish their expertise, have your sales people write their own introduction to your content and then share it on their social media channels.

  • Match content to the stages of the buyer’s journey – Make this easy for your sales team. Give them a “cheat sheet”: a chart listing all of your content and the stages of the sales funnel (awareness, evaluation, purchase) for which it is best suited.

  • Stay top of mind – It can take some prospects a long time to work their way through the sales process. Content can keep them top of mind in between long touch points.

  • Help the prospect sell internally – Perhaps the prospect is already sold on your product, but now needs to get three others on board, too. The sales person can ask which content the prospect would find most helpful for making the internal sale.

  • Make the purchase decision easy – People want to feel confident that you will deliver on your promises. Case studies, testimonials, buying guides, comparison sheets and other content can provide the proof that they need.


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