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When you see McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s swoosh or Tiffany’s distinctive blue packaging, you immediately know what company you are dealing with. These brands all have very strong and well-known images. However, even small companies should make the effort to create a brand image for their organizations. Luckily, it doesn’t take a big budget to create a recognizable “look and feel” for your company – just some foresight and planning!

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Get out all of your company’s printed materials – your business cards, letterhead, brochures, fliers, ads, newsletters, etc., as well as a printout of your website’s home page – and spread them out on your desk. Take a good look at what you see and ask yourself: Is it visually obvious that all of these items are from the same company?

If not, why not?

A big part of branding is recognition. Having a “look” that you use across all of your marketing materials makes it easy for your customers and potential customers to recognize that a message is from your company. So what are the elements of this “look”?

4 Important Elements of Your Brand’s Visual Image

  1. Your logo symbolizes your company. Make sure it is easily recognizable and works well in a wide range of advertising media.
  2. Your color scheme should be uniform throughout all of your materials, and appropriate for your goals. Some color combinations are relaxing and soothing, others suggest excitement and enthusiasm, while others project a very “corporate” image.
  3. Your overall “look” (including colors, fonts, pictures, layout, etc.) needs to visually reinforce the feeling that you want your product or service to convey. For example, a company marketing “mom’s apple pie” to senior citizens will have a much different look than one selling the latest electronic gadgets to teenage boys.
  4. Your printed materials need to reflect important elements of the “look and feel” of your website (or vice versa).

Remember, it often takes multiple exposures to an advertising/marketing message before a consumer will decide to make a purchase or inquiry. If your materials are a mismatched hodge-podge of colors, designs and messages, it will be very difficult for you to build a recognizable presence in the market place.


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