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Sooner or later, most business people are called upon to give a presentation. Sometimes a presentation is an informal affair for a few people in a conference room, and other times it’s a full-blown talk to a room full of people. Either way, PowerPoint can be useful tool.

This month I take a look at some things you can do to help make your PowerPoint presentation a success.


A great presentation is a masterful combination of three important elements: content, design and delivery. For the design and delivery, PowerPoint can be a fabulous tool that helps you get your ideas across in an interesting and appealing manner. Unfortunately, the use of PowerPoint can also result in mind-numbingly boring presentations that are agonizing to sit through. Here are 7 secrets to making sure your next PowerPoint presentation is a success:

  1. Take a minimalist approach to bullet points. Try to keep it to just 3 or 4 bullets per slide, with a few words or a short sentence for each point. The goal is to just list key points – not to put your entire speech up on the screen.

  2. Think about pacing and rhythm. Vary the slide type and length. For example, don’t show six bullet point slides or six bar graph slides in a row. Keep things interesting by mixing it up.

  3. Give some thought to your graphics. Choose one color scheme and font to use throughout your presentation. Avoid switching around between color photos, black and white photos, and illustrations – the “mish mash” effect can be distracting.

  4. Use informative headings. Each slide’s heading should instantly identify its main point, making it easier to follow along with your talk.
  1. Proofread everything. And then proofread it again!

  2. Don’t just read the slides. Know your topic well enough to talk about it without reading. Your audience can read the slides themselves. They’re looking to you to add something to the subject.

  3. Show your passion. Remember, a presentation is a marketing piece – whether you’re marketing information (such as a keynote speech) or trying to make a sale. Showing your enthusiasm for the subject will help keep your audience focused on what you have to say.


After successfully running his own salon for over 43 years, Jon Gonzales now devotes his energy to helping other salon owners and hair dressers succeed as well. Jon is a nationally-known speaker, and his Hairdresser Career Development System uses books, seminars and educational programs to teach the secrets of salon success. Check out the seminar promotion flier which I wrote for him.

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