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There are many things in life worth celebrating, and many forms that celebrations can take. In business, celebrations can be used as a way to connect with customers, increase sales and call attention to your company’s products and services.

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Why do people love celebrations? Because they want to be part of something positive. It’s human nature to want to be happy and have a good time! This is why when it comes to marketing your business, celebrations can be a great way to connect with your customers.

What can you celebrate? Anything positive, such as:

  • Awards Did your company or product win an award? Be sure to share the excitement.

  • New Products – Have a new product or service line extension? Consider using a “birth announcement” to share the news.

  • Milestones – Did you sell your 10,000th book or open your 5th location? It’s time to celebrate!

  • Holidays – In addition to all of the “standard” holidays, you’d be amazed at all of the “oddball” ones that exist as well. For example, how does your company plan to celebrate World Smile Day?

  • Anniversaries – There are lots of anniversaries that you can celebrate, including your business’ anniversary, the anniversary of your customer’s association with your business, your customer’s wedding anniversary, etc.

  • Birthdays – Last year I received so many “come in for a free meal on your birthday” offers that I wasn’t able to take advantage of them all. Keep track of your customers’ birthdays, and send a card or offer to commemorate their special day.

How can you celebrate? Your celebration can take many forms, including:

  • Have a sale

  • Host a party or other event

  • Create a special offer

  • Send a card

  • Put up decorations

  • Hold a contest

  • Give a gift

  • Distribute sales promotion items

  • Create a special tip sheet

  • Alert the media

  • Brand with a special logo

With a little creativity, you can use celebrations to successfully market your business – which, in itself, is something to celebrate!


Pets need water, especially when they're away from home running, walking or playing in the sun. Water Rover is a portable pet water bowl that makes it easy for pet lovers to keep their pets hydrated wherever they go. 

How do celebrations play into Water Rover’s marketing efforts? Everything from holidays to the Super Bowl to new product launches are celebrated with special sales and offers – like this product launch for their smallest portable pet water bowl.

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