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Many companies have formal customer loyalty programs that reward customers for sticking around. Grocery stores are especially good at this. While these types of programs can be very successful, they’re not a substitute for creating the type of customer experience that makes people want to do business with you again and again. In this article I take a look at some of the many things you can do to build customer loyalty for your business.


Most businesses depend on repeat orders from existing clients to get and remain profitable. Why? Because the cost of acquiring new customers can be as much as six to ten times higher than the cost of keeping the customers that you already have.

Unfortunately, even happy customers aren’t necessarily loyal customers. In today’s internet age, it is easier than ever to “find a better deal” elsewhere. Loyal customers understand the intrinsic value of dealing with your company, and aren’t tempted to jump ship the moment another offer comes along.

Remember, a typical business only hears from a tiny percentage of unhappy customers. The rest simply take their business elsewhere. Or announce their dissatisfaction to the world through Facebook, Yelp and other social media sites, and then take their business elsewhere.

Here are 25 things you can do to help ensure your clients are satisfied, feel appreciated and want to continue to buy from you:

  1. Be enjoyable to work with.

  2. Understand – and meet – their needs.

  3. Solve their problems.

  4. Differentiate yourself from your competition.

  5. Convey your product or service’s value.

  6. Deliver more than they expect.

  7. Simplify the buying process.

  8. Make realistic promises.

  9. Manage expectations.

  10. Be dependable and reliable.

  11. Be consistent.

  12. Be proactive.

  13. Keep in touch.

  14. Make it easy for customers to communicate with you.

  15. Be responsive on social media.

  16. Encourage feedback.

  17. Address complaints quickly – and turn them into opportunities.

  18. Be flexible when issues do come up.

  19. Express your gratitude.

  20. Show empathy.

  21. Provide valuable resources.

  22. Share your expertise.

  23. Make loyalty-building a team effort.

  24. Reward employees for providing excellent customer service.

  25. Measure everything and use the data for improvement.

Which of these things are you already doing? Which will you implement next?

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