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What are two simple words that you learned when you were young that are always well-received? “Thank you.” Just like knowing when to say “I’m sorry,” knowing when to say “thank you” can go a long ways towards creating positive and lasting relationships with your clients.


In many of my past articles I’ve mentioned the importance of expressing your gratitude to your customers. This month I’d like to suggest that you go so far as to look for “excuses” to express your thanks. Whether you simply say “thank you,” or you send a thank you note, gift or e-card, the important thing is to be sincere and let people know how much you truly appreciate them.

  1. Thank people for meeting with you. Time is valuable. When people choose to spend their time meeting with you, be sure to drop them a thank you note after the meeting is through.

  2. Thank people for doing business with you. Each time someone does business with you, consider sending a short, personalized “thank you” via email or mail.

  3. Thank people for providing feedback or suggestions. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, express your gratitude for the input, and let the person know how their suggestion will be put to use.

  4. Thank people for complimenting you. It feels great when someone appreciates the good work that you have done. Share the good feelings with a note thanking the compliment-giver for taking the time to make your day.

  5. Thank people for being extremely helpful. When a client has gone out of their way to provide support for you on a project, let them know how much this meant to you.

  6. Thank people for referrals. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of advertising available. When someone sends new customers your way, be sure to express your appreciation.

  7. Thank people for timely payments. Accounts receivable issues can be a real problem for many businesses. When clients do pay in a timely fashion, send them a quick email to let them know their timeliness is appreciated.


SendOutCards is an online greeting card and gift company that makes it incredibly easy for you to send out thank you notes. In less than a minute you can go online, choose your custom card, write your message and click “send.” SendOutCards will print, stuff, stamp and mail the card for you – all for significantly less than the cost of buying and mailing a card yourself. If you want, you can even include a gift or gift card.

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