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Blogs…newsletters…videos…websites…press releases…sales letters…Facebook posts…tweets…pinboards. How much content is your company producing these days? If you’re like many, the answer is “a lot.” This month’s article dives into ways to increase the return on investment that you receive from the original content that you’re creating.

Of course, if the issue is that you’d like to be writing and creating a bunch of content but you just don’t have the time/skill/inclination to do it yourself, give me a call. As your marketing writer, I’m here for you!


Today many organizations put a great deal of time and money into creating original content. Whether you’re creating written content such as articles and blogs or multi-media content such as webinars and videos, finding ways to increase your ROI for all of this content just makes good business sense. Here are some ideas:

Repurpose your content for multiple mediums.

  • Blog posts can be turned into pod casts and videos.

  • Webinar content can be turned into white papers.

  • FAQs can be the basis for “10 things you need to know”-type sales sheets.

  • Articles can be posted to article distribution sites such as

  • Customer testimonials can be used in your website, brochures, sales letters and press releases.

Recycle your content with different “story angles”

  • Articles can be rewritten for different audiences. For example, “Optimizing Your Law Firm’s Website” can be rewritten with pertinent examples for accountants, chiropractors or auto repair shops.

  • Case studies can be morphed into press releases based on the “news angle” of the story.

Reuse your content on multiple platforms.

  • Webinar slide decks can be posted on sites such as, so that today’s presentation has visibility for years to come.

  • Newsletter articles and press releases can be used as blog posts.

  • Images of your product can be used to create engaging pinboards on Pinterest.

Repackage a few existing items into one new item

  • A series of articles or blog posts can be aggregated and turned into an eBook, white paper or free report.

  • A series of videos can become an online course.

Bottom line: once you get into the mindset of repurposing, you’ll find numerous ways to increase the ROI from your content.

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