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As I say on my website, words have extraordinary power. Good writing can help you communicate with both clients and prospects, expand your influence and increase your sales. Bad writing not only annoys and confuses, it also results in many missed opportunities.

Need help improving the writing that you do every day? This month’s article provides 10 great tips. Need help finding the perfect words for your company’s marketing materials? Give me a call! I’m your marketing writer.


How much writing do you do each day? Between emails, texts, letters, proposals and more, chances are you do more writing than you realize. In business, the ability to clearly express yourself in writing can be a vital skill. Here are 10 easy ways to improve your writing:

  1. Identify your audience. Knowing who you are writing for will help ensure that you use the proper tone and language.

  2. Stay on topic. Identify the main points that you want to convey, and then stick to them.

  3. Use an active voice. This adds force and clarity to your writing, and makes it more interesting. For example, state that “Employees received bonus checks at the event” rather than “At the event, bonus checks were received by employees.”

  4. Use strong verbs. This is another way to make your writing more interesting. For example, write “Sales soared in June” versus “Sales increased greatly in June.”

  5. Avoid using jargon. If it is necessary to use technical terms or acronyms, be sure to explain them. Don’t assume that your readers know what you’re talking about!

  6. Vary sentence length. Too many short sentences will make your writing seem choppy. Too many long sentences will make it hard to follow.

  7. Give examples. Examples can make ideas easier to understand, personalize your writing and make it more accessible.

  8. Eliminate repeated words. Vary your language. Avoid annoying your readers by using use the same words or phrases multiple times in one sentence or paragraph.

  9. Use transitions. Transitional words and phrases, such as “therefore” or “in addition,” help make one sentence or paragraph flow into the next.

  10. Trim it down. Good writing is concise writing. Once your first draft is complete, take a hard look to see what needs to be either reworded or eliminated altogether.


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