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If your website is not getting the results you want, there are numerous things that could be going wrong. Maybe nobody is finding your site. If they do, your site may be visually unappealing and/or confusing to navigate. The problem could be your offer, or even your product itself. Your price might be too high… or too low. You might have poorly written text that doesn’t actually sell your services. The list of possibilities goes on and on.

One of these many possibilities is your home page’s headline. If this article makes you realize that your site’s text could use some improving, give me a call. As your marketing writer, I can fix this problem for you.


Today I’m going to write about one of my pet peeves: Companies that use “Welcome to ABC Corporation” or other non-benefit-oriented text as their home page headline.

Why does this drive me crazy? Because I hate to see such a complete waste of valuable online real estate. Your website has about three seconds to grab your prospect’s attention, convince her you’re offering something that will solve her problems or improve her life, and persuade her to keep reading. The headline plays a huge role in this, and “Welcome to ABC Corporation” just doesn’t cut it.

What do bad home page headlines look like?

To find some real-life examples, I googled “Orange County Bookkeeping Service” and reviewed the home page headlines of all 14 of the firms that came up on page one of the search results. Only five of these 14 websites have headlines that at least hint at a benefit. Here are the other nine, with the names all changed to “ABC Corporation” to avoid giving these firms any publicity:


ABC Corporation Accounting and Tax Services

Orange County Certified Public Accounting (CPA) Firm

Irvine, CA CPA Firm, ABC Corporation

Welcome to ABC, an Accountancy Corporation


OC Accounting Service

Executive Summary

Bookkeeping Services

Lest you think that this is a problem that only afflicts bookkeepers, I did a little poking around in some other service industries as well. I quickly found sites for a marketing writer(!), chiropractor, law firm and Realtor whose home page headlines all screamed “Welcome”!  

Take a close look at your website

Is your website suffering from “bad headline-itis”? If your website stats show that a large percentage of the people who arrive at your home page leave almost immediately, the headline could be a culprit. If all it says is “Welcome,” it’s definitely time for a rewrite!

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