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If you’re stuck in a marketing rut, this issue of the Marketing Minute will give you just what you need: ideas. Sit back, look over the list, and let your creative juices start flowing!

Of course, if you need help implementing these ideas, I’m just a phone call away.


Ten years ago social networking didn’t exist. Today business owners often feel bombarded by the message that if social media is not in their marketing toolkit, their business is going to fail. But what if social media isn’t your thing or isn’t right for your business? Depending on the nature of your business and your budget, the possibilities for marketing are endless. Here, in no particular order, are 21 “old school” (i.e. non-social networking) options:

  1. Business Networking – Many areas have a variety of options

  2. Your Website – Your “silent salesperson”

  3. Press Releases – Try to garner free publicity with a newsworthy message

  4. Email Newsletters A great way to stay “top of mind” with customers & prospects

  5. Events – Attend or sponsor events targeted to your prospects

  6. Public Speaking – Become known as an expert

  7. Free Trials – Give away free samples or no-obligation consultations

  8. Telemarketing – Good old-fashioned “cold calling”

  9. Referral Programs – Reward your customers for bringing in more customers

  10. VIP Customer Programs – Identify your best customers & encourage them to buy more

  11. Direct Mail – From simple postcards to elaborate packages

  12. Promotional Items – Give-aways emblazoned with your company logo, website, etc.

  13. Co-Op Advertising – Join forces with non-competing businesses

  14. Print Ads In magazines, newspapers, and trade journals

  15. Trade Shows – For some businesses this can be key

  16. Affiliate Programs – Get others to market your product or service for you, for a commission.

  17. Signage On Your Car – Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard

  18. Ads On Prospect’s Doors – Blanket the neighborhood with door hangers or fliers

  19. Online Classified Ads – Try Craig’s List or industry-specific sites

  20. Article Writing – For trade journals, columns in local publications, etc.

  21. Video Tutorials – Teach people how to use your product or service


The Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California (PIASC) is a trade association that provides a wide range of benefits to its members. When they decided to launch a membership drive, they naturally chose to use print. Specifically, good old-fashioned direct mail.

The testimonials-based postcard campaign that I helped them create drives home the message that the benefits PIASC provides make membership in the organization more than pay for itself. Take a look at postcards 2 and 3, two of the six postcards from the “Find Out Why” campaign.

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