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If your company doesn’t have the marketing materials you need, or if what you’ve got isn’t working, then taking the do-it-yourself approach to writing the text is usually being “penny wise and pound foolish.” Why? Because writing to sell is a lot harder than it looks!

Need help writing text that appeals to the reader’s needs and emotions and makes them feel compelled to take action? Give me a call. I’m here for you.


People often ask me to take a look at the websites that they wrote for their businesses and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the text. Since nearly all “do-it-yourselfers” seem to make the same mistakes, I can usually guess what the problem areas are without even looking at the site. Chances are the website text you wrote yourself:

  1. Does not focus on benefits – You have probably written about the features of your products or services, which is also important. But to make an emotional connection with your readers, you really need to talk about the benefits, the “what’s in it for me” aspect of your offering. 

  2. Does not focus on the reader’s point of view – To help prospects envision themselves enjoying all of these great benefits, you need to minimize the use of the words “we,” “us,” “our,” and “I,” and write sentences that talk about “you” and “your” instead.

  3. Does not present a compelling reason to buy – Never expect readers to “connect the dots” on their own. You need to clearly tell them why they should buy this product, and why they should buy it from you vs. buying elsewhere or not buying anything at all.

  4. Does not use an easily scannable format – The internet is not the place for long, unbroken blocks of text. Break things up with meaningful subheads and bullet points.

  5. Does not use parallel format for the bullet points – Bullet points are most effective when all of the points in a given list start with the same type of word (i.e. verb, noun, adjective, etc.).

  6. Does not have a call to action – To get your website visitors to place an order, call now, download your free report, etc., you must clearly ask them to do so.

What Others Are Saying

"Each time I work with Linda, I am reminded just how well she understands marketing. Linda understands the principles of marketing on a psychological level. She sees the bigger picture. She is pragmatic, insightful and incredibly fast."

Kristine Putt,
Owner and Brand Identity Designer, Paragon Moon