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Most business owners can speak at length about their area of expertise, but few are comfortable writing about it. That’s why my clients love the way that I make blogging and article writing so easy for them.

Once we have a topic picked out, we schedule a time for a telephone chat. They simply chat about the topic, without worrying about organizing the information or figuring out which details can be left out. After the call I work my magic and produce a well-written article, ready for my client’s review.

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If you have a blog or newsletter, one of the hardest aspects of the project can be coming up with things to write about – week after week, month after month. While I’ve discussed this in the past (see 11 Ideas for Interesting Blog Posts and Got a Blog? 11 More Ideas for What to Write), this month I want to explain how to use SEO keyword research to brainstorm topic ideas for your blog or newsletter articles.

Start with Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

Go to, log in (you may need to first sign up for a free account), and click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.” Under “Your product or service,” type in a general topic in your industry and click “Get ideas.” I typed in “branding” and got 57 keyword ideas on the “Ad group ideas” tab and 800 on the “Keyword ideas” tab!

Find the Most Promising Keywords

Scan the list for inspiration, keeping your eye on the “Avg. monthly searches” and “Competition” columns. Look for keywords that have high search volume, low or medium competition, and sound like they might be the basis of an interesting article. On my list, “brand loyalty” caught my eye.

Brainstorm Article Topics around These Words

Here’s where the tips I gave in my previous articles come in handy. For example:

  • Make a list – 5 Companies that Have Totally Nailed Brand Loyalty

  • Write a “how to”10 Ways to Achieve Brand Loyalty

  • Create a resource guide – Top 7 Online Resources for Creating Brand Loyalty

  • Take a historical view – Why Brand Loyalty Just Ain’t What it Used to Be

  • Share secrets – 3 Little-Known Brand Loyalty Secrets

  • Examine the pitfalls – 5 Common Things Businesses do that Destroy Brand Loyalty

Then simply repeat this process until you have all the article topics you need!


Baker’s Village is a “destination” garden center serving the Columbus, Ohio area. In addition to carrying the largest selection of annual, perennials and herbs in the state, they also offer a great selection of shrubs and trees, gardening supplies, silks, and gift items.

To showcase all of this and create more value for their customers, I’ve been helping Baker’s Village with their new blog. Check it out at

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