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I’m always shocked by how often I get business simply because I actually answer the phone and respond to emails. Prospective customers will say something like, “I reached out to three other copywriters, but you’re the only one who bothered to respond.” Really??

When I went into business for myself I just assumed that providing exceptional customer service was a given. Clearly not all business owners see things this way!


A few months ago I decided to re-do my front yard with drought-tolerant landscaping. My experiences in trying to find a contractor reminded me that some companies’ lousy customer service starts long before a sale is made. One contractor never returned my call. Another had an online appointment-setting system that apparently went into a black hole, while a third waited over an hour to inform me he was running late.

People Crave Excellent Service
Evidently terrible customer service is widespread. In a survey conducted for American Express,1 just 5% of respondents said the customer service experiences they have usually “exceed their expectations.” Yet these same people place such a high value on service that 68% said they’d be willing to spend more—an average of 14% more—with a company that they believe provides excellent customer service.

It appears that in today’s marketplace, providing outstanding customer service can actually be a competitive advantage!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy from Companies with Poor Service
Never assume that just because you’re not hearing any negative feedback your customers are all happy. Unhappy customers may not call you, but they’re usually quite interested in spreading the word. In fact, the American Express survey showed that 60% of people will always tell others about their poor experiences with companies, telling an average of 21 people each time. The majority of this communication takes place in person or through texts, leaving you out of the response loop completely. And what if your service is exceptional? Just 46% of people will always spread the good word, telling an average of eight people each time. 

The bottom line: Having a great marketing program that successfully brings prospects to your company is a massive waste of money and effort if your lousy customer service then scares them away.

1American Express and Ebiquity, 2014 Global Customer Service Barometer, Findings in the United States.


Rose’s Agency Home Care provides its clients with assistance with the activities of daily living. As such, the agency is all about customer service. First in the very personal, one-on-one service which its caregivers provide, and second in the way in which this care is coordinated and overseen.

With Rose’s Agency you get much more than “just” an excellent caregiver. You also get the services of Cheryl Thompson, their experienced and very hands-on Care Manager. Cheryl’s active management ensures that their clients are nurtured, watched over and cared for with love and compassion. To learn more, visit the website which I wrote for them.

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