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We all love a good story. Stories can be powerful, fun, engaging and memorable…which is why so many businesses use stories in their marketing efforts.

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Earlier this year I wrote about creating an elevator pitch for your business. An elevator pitch is a brief answer that you give when people ask, “What do you do?” As I explained in that article, a traditional elevator pitch has two to three sentences that succinctly address who you are, what you do, who you do it for, the benefits you offer, and a call to action.

In response to that article, one of my clients – Chebel Mina, Branch Manager at Broadview Mortgage – suggested another approach. “I have learned to answer this question by telling a quick story of how I helped a client,” Chebel explains. “This opens up the floor for more questions.”

Stories Engage the Brain
As it turns out, listening to stories activates multiple areas of our brains simultaneously. Which is probably why a number of studies have shown that our brains are much more engaged by storytelling then by cold, hard facts. This higher level of brain engagement increases the chances that you and your story will be remembered.

Here’s a Great Example
When people ask Chebel about what he does, here is what he says:

“The best way to explain to you what I do is to share a story with you. One of the top realtors in the area gave my name to John. John called me because he needed clarity about his ability to buy a home. After a two-hour meeting in which we reviewed his financial objectives and life circumstances, John understood exactly how much house he could buy, how much to put down and what his payments would be. More importantly, he also understood how his home investment would integrate into his total financial plan. You see, I am a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, and helping people like John is what I do.”


Set in a stunning mountain setting in Colorado, Anderson Ranch is both an international arts center and a very close community. Known for its world-class facilities and expert faculty, Anderson Ranch attracts artists of all levels from across the country and around the world, who come to the Ranch to explore new ideas, hone their art making skills and engage in meaningful dialogue.

I had the privilege of helping Anderson Ranch with their 2015 Annual Report. Take a look to see how we used this Report to tell the story of what Anderson Ranch is all about.

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