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One of the things I like about email newsletters (such as this one) is that they work so well to keep your business top of mind with customers and prospects alike. Even if the recipient doesn’t read your newsletter, they’ll at least see your name in the “from” line as they’re hitting the delete key.  

Postcards – particularly on-going postcard campaigns – offer this same advantage. Even if the entire message doesn’t get read, recipients will get a reminder that your company exists as they’re sorting through their mail.


In the realm of direct mail, post cards offer some distinct advantages. Postcards are less expensive to print and mail than many other direct mail options. With no envelope to open, postcards have a higher “read rate.” And postcards force you to whittle your message down to only the most important points, since overly lengthy messages just won’t fit.  

Whether you create an on-going series or are just looking for a variety of reasons to send individual postcards, there are many ways you can use postcards to promote your business. Options include:  

  • Brand Awareness postcard series – Each postcard can focus on a different benefit of doing business with your company.

  • Tip of the Month postcard series – These can help you build credibility and position your business as an expert in your field.

  • Product Spotlight postcard series – Highlight a different product or service on each postcard.

  • Newsletter postcard series – Put your monthly newsletter into an oversized postcard, and feature one or two short articles in each one.

  • Testimonial postcard series – Showcase a different happy customer each month.

  • Mini Case Study postcard series – Feature a different (very brief) customer success story each month.

  • New Product Announcement postcard – Get customers excited about your newest offering.

  • “We’ve Missed You” postcard – Reach out to customers that you haven’t heard from in a while.

  • Holiday postcard – Replace your holiday greeting card with a postcard.

  • Birthday postcard – Include a handwritten note and a special birthday discount.

  • Thank You postcard – Express your appreciation on a custom-designed “thank you” postcard. (See my previous article on 7 Great Excuses to Say “Thank You!”)

  • Invitation postcard – Invite people to attend your upcoming event.

  • Special Offer postcard – Pamper your VIP customers with special incentives.

Regardless of why you’re sending the postcard, be sure that it has eye-catching design, well-written text and a clear call to action.


DuraMax, a division of US Polymers, Inc., is the largest vinyl fence extruder in the western U.S. When DuraMax created a turnkey “VinylYard” program for lumber yards, they used a combination of postcards, sales letters and email to get the word out about how this program could expand a lumber yard’s sales. As explained in the postcard that I wrote for them, the VinylYard combines the best branded, commercial grade, factory-manufactured vinyl with local yard fabrication and customization.

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