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Press releases are not just a way to get your company’s products or services noticed by the media – they can also be vehicles for connecting directly with your target market online. How? Through search engine optimization. Don’t just distribute your release to the media. Create a version that is optimized for your key words and upload it your website, where it can continue to attract potential customers long after the “news” is not new anymore.

Of course, if you need help writing your press releases, give me a call. As your marketing writer I can handle all of your marketing writing needs.


Writing and distributing press releases can be a great way to garner free publicity for your business. The key to getting the information picked up by the media is to ensure that your “news” is actually newsworthy. In addition to the standard press release fare of announcements of new products, new hires, or promotions of people within your organization, here are 12 more reasons to send a press release:

  1. Awards – These can be received or given by your company.

  2. Charitable Contributions – People like to do business with companies that do good. Be sure to publicize your support of charitable organizations and events.

  3. Classes and Seminars – Classes, demonstrations, seminars, speaking engagements, and workshops are all perfect press release material.

  4. Company Anniversary – Invite the community to celebrate with you.

  5. Contests and Events – If you sponsor a contest or event, use a press release to help spread the word.

  6. Expanded Facilities or Hours – Be sure to explain how the expansion will benefit your target audience.

  7. Free Information – Let the media know about the valuable free report, resource list, or other information that’s available at your website.

  8. New E-Zine or Newsletter – Put out a press release when you start up a new e-zine or newsletter.

  9. New Partnerships or Strategic Business Alliances – Once again, be sure to explain how this will benefit your customers (and not just your bottom line).

  10. Radio or TV Show Appearances – Media appearances are always “news.”

  11. Tie-In with Upcoming Holidays or Events – In addition to the well-known holidays, do some research to see if there’s a lesser-known day that ties in to your product or service.

  12. White Paper You Have Written – Announce some of the pertinent findings of your paper and then let people know how they can obtain the full report.

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