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How can you brag about your work without coming across as boastful? By using case studies! Case studies let your successes speak for themselves, and give your prospective clients a feel for how your products or services have benefited others like them.

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In marketing, believability is always important. Prospective customers want reassurance that whatever you’re selling really does work as well as you claim it does. That’s why case studies – actual success stories about your products or services – can work so well.

Gain Instant Credibility

People like to identify with their peers. Case studies show your prospective customers how well your products or services have worked for others just like them. Plus, case studies give believable examples that bring your concepts to life.

Choose from Two Popular Formats

There are two popular formats for case studies.

  1. “Factual” Format: The “factual” format is usually presented under subheads such as “Background,” “Problem,” “Solution,” and “Result.” These case studies are generally relatively brief and unemotional pieces that are especially appropriate for business-to-business marketing. They work because they explain, in purely factual terms, exactly how your company’s products or services actually helped a particular customer.

  2. “Story” Format: Case studies written in a “story” format read like magazine feature stories, and can be anywhere from a few paragraphs to a few pages in length. “Story” case studies are effective in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. They work because they’re interesting and emotionally engaging.  

Regardless of what format you use, the idea is not necessarily to present every little detail. Your goal is usually to tell enough of the story to get your point across, but not so much as to make the case study seem overly narrow.

Put Your Case Studies to Work

Where can you use case studies? In all of your marketing literature! Case studies can be effective in websites, brochures, press releases, newsletters, blogs, print ads, sales letters, proposals, and more.

Everyone loves success. Don’t be shy about sharing your company’s success with your prospective customers.

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