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Special events can be excellent marketing vehicles. One of the most nerve-wracking parts of event planning, however, can be trying to fill the room. What if you build it and they don’t come?

Fortunately there are many things you can do to help ensure that your event is a success. Need some help creating the promotional materials to get people to register? Give me a call. I’m here for you!


Planning an upcoming event, such as a seminar, workshop or conference? Here are some proven tips to help you successfully fill the room.

Start with the Basics

What exactly is the event all about? Who is your target audience? What will these people gain by attending? What can you do to increase their perceived value of the event? Even if your event is free, you’ll be playing to an empty room unless your marketing efforts clearly sell potential attendees on the value of showing up.  

Make Registration Easy

Be sure that potential attendees can easily find all of the information they need about the event (date, time, location, description, benefits, price, etc.) and quickly register to attend.

Use a Variety of Marketing Tactics

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

  • Take Advantage of Social Media – Spread the word through FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

  • Place Free Ads on Event Websites – Consider using sites such as and, as well as strictly local sites in your area. Create a free event page at and use their tools to accept registrations and/or sell tickets.

  • Distribute Event Fliers – Bring them to networking meetings, email them to your contacts, ask local retailers to display them, etc.

  • Contact the Media – Send media releases to appropriate newspapers, magazines and trade journals.

  • Contact Local Bloggers – Ask local bloggers who care about the subject matter to cover and help promote the event.

  • Use Direct Mail – If your budget permits, consider purchasing a targeted mailing list and creating a multi-part direct mail campaign (such as a save the date postcard, an event brochure and letter, and then a reminder postcard).

Follow Up

Take a cue from your doctor’s office and call attendees the day before the event to remind them to attend.

What Others Are Saying

"Each time I work with Linda, I am reminded just how well she understands marketing. Linda understands the principles of marketing on a psychological level. She sees the bigger picture. She is pragmatic, insightful and incredibly fast."

Kristine Putt,
Owner and Brand Identity Designer, Paragon Moon