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Got a blog? If so, I recommend that you periodically set aside some time to brainstorm a list of possible blog topics. Then on days when you’re running short on ideas you’ll have your list to fall back on.

Of course, if you know what you want to say but just don’t want to deal with writing it, give me a call. As a professional writer I can blog for you.


Many SEO (search engine optimization) experts recommend blogging as a great way to increase your search engine ranking and help members of your target market find your company’s website. Blogging can also enhance your brand’s image, give your company a “human” face, allow you to interact with your customer base, and provide a great tool for media and PR. To build an audience, however, you need to blog regularly, providing content that your readers find interesting, helpful, or entertaining.

The trick, of course, is thinking of something to say! Here are 11 ideas for what to write. Click here to see the 11 ideas I suggested in a previous article.

  1. Create a guide. Post a guide to the most important websites and blogs related to your subject area.

  2. Take a historical view. Write a post about how things have changed in your industry.

  3. Answer questions. Once your blog has a following you can create posts that answer readers’ questions.

  4. Report on current events. Do a “news” post on what’s happening in your field or how it will be impacted by current events.

  5. Be opinionated. Take a stand on a controversial issue in your field.

  6. Share secrets. Tell your readers about generally unknown “secrets” in your industry.

  7. Chart some facts. Create a pie chart or bar graph that presents interesting facts in a novel way.

  8. Examine the pitfalls. Write about the common pitfalls in your industry and how to avoid them.

  9. Take a poll. Invite your readers to participate in a survey, and then blog about the results.

  10. Link to existing content. Post links to a video, webinar, white paper, blog post, or any other content that would interest your readers.

  11. Give advice. What are your recommendations for how to handle a particular problem in your industry?

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