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If you’re selling a car you can show a picture of the product and everyone will instantly know that you’re selling a car. But if you’re selling business services or life insurance or some other intangible product or service, explaining what you’re offering – and demonstrating its benefits – isn’t always easy.

Whether you’re selling tangibles or intangibles, if you need help creating targeted and effective marketing materials for your business give me a call. I’m here for you.


Marketing a tangible product – something that can be seen, touched, tasted or experienced in some way – is typically straight forward. You can show the product, demonstrate its value and benefits, perhaps give the prospect a “sample” of some sort, and so forth. But how do you sell an intangible product or service, something that can’t be seen or demonstrated? Here are 5 ways to market intangibles, and help make them seem more tangible to your prospective customers: 

  1. Create Trust: Because your prospective customers can’t take your product for a “test drive,” finding ways to create trust is especially important. An accountant, for example, can use her marketing materials to create trust by listing her credentials, sharing testimonials, explaining her methodology and demonstrating her expertise.

  2. Humanize the Benefits: Make an emotional connection by demonstrating the benefits of what you sell. A wellness coach can show how good you’ll feel after completing the program. A house cleaner can show how happy a working mom feels when she comes home to a clean house.

  3. Provide Useful Tools: Help prospective customers see the value in what you offer by providing useful tools, such as an online calculator that shows people how much they need to save for retirement or a checklist that helps them compare your service to your competitors’.

  4. Keep it Simple: Intangible products and services can be perceived as being difficult to understand. Unfortunately, a person who is confused will avoid making a purchase decision. Do everything you can to make your product or service appear simple and understandable.

  5. Use Metaphors: If people do have a hard time understanding what it is that you’re selling, try using a metaphor to describe your service or the problems it solves. For example, “refinancing your mortgage is like giving yourself a raise.”


Blue Sky Transitions provides estate transition services, helping people who are downsizing or are the executors of a loved one’s estate to manage the entire estate transition process. Available services include estate sales, home sale preparation, professional organizing, moving/storage, pet adoption and much more.

What this means is that Blue Sky Transitions not only sells an intangible service – they sell a very sensitive intangible service that most people don’t know exists! Take a look at their brochure to see how I approached this marketing challenge.

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