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A big mistake that I see in marketing materials written by people who are not professional marketing writers is a focus on features rather than benefits. Closely related to this is the problem of focusing on processes rather than results (i.e. benefits). For example, while the multi-step process that Cartridge World follows to remanufacture printer cartridges might be fascinating, prospective customers are probably more interested in the fact that they can save 30% on fully guaranteed toner cartridges that work the same as the name brand.


What kind of results do you think a pool cleaning service would get if they ran an ad with the following headline?

Invite a Total Stranger into Your Backyard to
Brush, Vacuum and Dump Chemicals into Your Pool

How about the following offer for a marriage therapist’s services?

Get 12 Weekly Sessions of 
Emotionally Difficult Discussions for just $1,449!

Or this attention-grabbing idea for a mortgage broker:

Let Us Bombard You with
Personal Questions and Never-Ending Paperwork

While these headlines are so surprising that they might get noticed, they probably would not result in a lot of sales. Why? Because they’re focused on processes, not results. Although your potential customers might be interested in learning more about your processes at some point before they make their purchase decision, it’s not likely to be the main thing that interests them. What they really want to know is this: what results can they expect to receive if they sign on the dotted line?

You’ve Got to Show the Value

By focusing on the results or benefits, you show people the value of what you’re selling. Prospects need to see your offering as the answer to an essential need that they have. And they need you to spell this out for them clearly, as you can’t count on them to figure it out themselves.

In the examples above, the pool cleaner’s message should focus on how their service results in a sparkling clean pool. The marriage therapy will (hopefully!) result in a renewed connection with your spouse and a successful/happy marriage. And the mortgage broker can help you save money on your monthly mortgage, and/or give you the ability to purchase the home of your dreams.

By showcasing the results you show the value, which will help motivate prospective customers to make a purchase today.


Regardless of the state of the real estate market, getting a home into escrow is only part of the sales process. After that, a Realtor has to work hard to ensure that a lot of things transpire before the escrow closing date – including getting homeowners insurance into place. Working with a reliable insurance agent can therefore be a big advantage.

When Case Insurance Agency asked me to write a brochure that would successfully market their services to Realtors, I didn’t focus on the insurance paperwork and processes. Instead I focused on the results and benefits that Realtors can expect when they make Case Insurance part of their team. Read the brochure I wrote to learn more.

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