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There are many factors that differentiate a “good” website from a “bad” one, and many reasons why websites often fail to deliver the hoped-for results. When a website isn’t working, amateurish or inappropriate design, poor navigation, lack of traffic and inferior writing are all possible culprits. Another possibility is that the website is focused on the wrong things.

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How’s your company’s website working for you? If it’s not producing the results you want, it’s possible that a change in focus is in order. Here are four subtle and not-so-subtle changes that can make a significant difference in your website’s success:

  1. Focus on Visitors, Not Customers. Your customers are (hopefully) already sold on your company’s products or services. Your visitors are not. Your home page or landing page should therefore focus on making an emotional connection with these visitors, showing them how you can meet their needs, and motivating them to become customers. Don’t talk to your visitors as though they’re already customers; they’re not.

  2. Focus on Emotions, Not Logic. Even in the business-to-business world, most purchase decisions are not based entirely on logical, practical criteria. People buy things they want, that they believe will make them feel good (i.e. solve their problems or improve their lives), from companies or people that they trust. Be sure your website addresses the emotional, “feel-good” aspects of your offering.

  3. Focus on Marketing, Not SEO. Now don’t get me wrong – for most companies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important. But search engines don’t buy your products; people do. So once you drive people to your website, make sure the words on your site are written for them and address their needs. Don’t get so caught up in keyword placement and density that you forget to actually sell your products!

  4. Focus on Visit Length, Not # of Visitors. If you drive 100,000 people to your website but they all leave within two seconds, what have you gained? Nothing. That’s why you need to focus on enticing people to stay on your site long enough to digest your marketing message and then – hopefully – be motivated to take action.


Nana Peg’s irresistible hand made baby items are the type of cute little baby things that a lot of women just love to purchase for the babies in their lives. Soft and sweet, each unique, high-quality item is hand crafted with love and care. Read the text that I wrote for the Nana Peg website. You’ll see what I did to focus on and make an emotional connection with the new visitors to the site, while still reminding existing customers why they love these products so much.

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