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It’s hard to believe, but this is the 100th issue of the Plumtree Marketing Minute! In honor of this “anniversary” occasion I’d like to thank all of you for your readership and support. Naturally, this month’s article is about appreciating your customers. I hope you’re feeling the love!


Thanks to the popularity of social media, there’s a lot of talk about how to get your customers to “like” you. But have you thought about what you are doing to show your customers how much you like them?

We all know that it’s a lot easier to keep an existing client than to get a new one. If you’re a business-to-business marketer, how can you show your clients how much you like and appreciate them? Here are some ideas:

  • Greet them warmly – When a client calls, smile and let them hear in your voice how genuinely happy you are to hear from them again…even if, right at that moment, you’re actually annoyed at the interruption in your work flow.
  • Be a pleasure to work with – People like doing business with likable people.
  • Respect their time – Be punctual for appointments, and then be pleasant but not too chatty, so that you don’t take more of their time than what was planned.
  • Look for opportunities to refer business to them – And always be on the lookout for ideas that will help improve their bottom line.
  • Patronize their businesses – If possible, make your clients your go-to source for whatever it is that they offer.

  • Stay in touch – Even if a client hasn’t made a purchase in a while, make it a point to touch base on a regular basis anyway.
  • Provide amazing customer service – And if problems ever arise, take responsibility and quickly take action to resolve the issue (see How to “Market” Difficult News).

Of course, this list is just a start. Make customer appreciation a way of business, and watch your business grow.

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