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At one level, you might say that marketing is all about getting people to say “yes.” Yes they’ll open your email, yes they’ll click on a link, yes they’ll give you a call, yes they’ll place an order, and so forth. One of the things that helps determine whether a given prospect will give you that “yes” is your offer. Looking back over your past marketing efforts, what types of offers have worked best for you?


When most people think of marketing offers, they think “discount”: Buy One Get One, Order by Date & Get 50% Off, etc. However, there are plenty of proven offers that do not involve price cutting. After all, your “offer” includes all of the “non-price” elements of the deal that you’re presenting as well.

When working on creating an irresistible offer, consider the following 10 offers that leave your product’s price intact:

  1. Money-Back Guarantee – To remove all purchase risk.

  2. Extended Warranty – To show that you’ll stand behind your product for the long-term.

  3. Payment Terms – From “no payments for 30 days” to “we accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal,” your payment terms can be an important part of your offer.

  4. Response Options – Some people prefer to pick up the phone and call, others want to send an email or text, others may want to see more information before they take the next step in the sales process.

  5. Free Sample – If possible, give prospects a chance to “try before they buy.”

  6. Free Gift – Form an alliance with a non-competitive company that also targets your prospects and create a cross-promotion whereby every purchase of your product comes with a free gift (such as a sample or discount) for theirs.

  7. Free Information – Buy now and get a white paper, report or e-book. Just be sure to package your freebie in a way that says “here are some valuable solutions to your problems” and not “here’s another boring report”!

  8. Free Consultation – A “needs analysis” to determine if and how your product or service can meet their needs.

  9. Free Gift Wrap – Can be much appreciated during the holiday season.

  10. Deadline – Respond by a specified date to get a special incentive, such as a promotional item.


DuraMax, a division of US Polymers, Inc., makes attractive and durable vinyl storage sheds, fences, patio covers and decks. Their two main offers have absolutely nothing to do with price: DuraMax offers a lifetime warranty, and promises that their products are nearly maintenance-free. In fact, DuraMax products are specially engineered to withstand the harsh Southwest sun. As such, they’ll never fade, discolor, chip, crack, peel, warp, rot, rust, require painting or get infested with termites. And they look great, too! To learn more, visit the website that I helped them write at

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