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If your marketing efforts are less than perfect, rest assured that you’re not alone. This month I take a look at some of the common marketing mistakes that I see companies make. If you need help fixing the writing-related aspects of these errors, give me a call. As your marketing writer, I’m always here for you.


As a marketing professional I work with clients in a wide range of industries. Regardless of the industry, though, people are people – and as such, they tend to make a lot of the same mistakes.

You are not alone if you have failed to:

  • Create a good elevator pitch – I recently received a call from a prospective customer. When I asked “what does your company do,” his answer ran on for a good five minutes, and started with his company history! After many years in business, he still could not clearly explain what he does.
  • Track the results of your marketing programs – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called a client to find out how many leads or sales they got from a marketing program, and the answer was “who knows?” If you don’t track results, you’ll never really know what works and what does not.
  • Focus on what’s most important to your target audience – Companies often focus their messaging on what they believe are their product’s most important benefits rather than the benefits that their target audience values most. For example, marketing may be mistakenly focused on the product’s durability, even though most people buy it because its compact size makes it so easy to store.
  • Be consistent in your marketing efforts – In marketing, consistency is key. To be successful, your branding, messaging, actions, strategy and follow-up must all be consistent. Action is often the most difficult thing on this list. A program gets started when business is slow, and then dropped as soon as business picks up again.

Recognize yourself on this list? While it’s nice to know that you’re not alone, if you’re making one or more of these common marketing errors, take a moment now to decide what you want to do about it.


Ever feel overwhelmed trying to make a major purchase decision about a product you really know nothing about? You are not alone! When Neo-Turf, a manufacturer of synthetic turf, asked me to help them create a brochure for their “LikeGrass” product line, they needed the information to meet the needs of two different target audiences.

For homeowners, the brochure needed to provide a basic introduction to what synthetic turf is, how it is made, and the benefits that differentiate Neo-Turf’s products from its competitors’. For Neo-Turf’s dealers the brochure needed to get into the more technical details of the product, to help provide talking points for their sales presentations. Take a look at the brochure to see how it came out!

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