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With the ever-growing popularity of Pinterest, it’s become clear that this social media site is not just for food and fashion images. In researching this article I learned that some of the keys to success on Pinterest include creating a business account vs. a personal account (go to, creating multiple boards, using tall images (not wide images), interacting/participating with other pinners, and giving your boards appealing names and great cover images.

I’ve created two accounts to give Pinterest a try. You can check them out at and


Many businesses are now finding creative ways to use Pinterest, the very visual social media site, to gain exposure, boost their website’s search engine rankings and generate interest. Considering giving Pinterest a try but don’t know what to pin? Keeping in mind that each of your original pins can and should include embedded links back to your website, and that every image should have a unique description utilizing your search engine optimization (SEO) keywords, consider creating boards focused on:

  1. Product images – Including your product itself, your product in use, your product being manufactured or how to use your product (such as the proper placement of a tie clip).

  2. Product or service context images – For example, a company that makes pool care chemicals and a pool care provider can both create boards of beautiful swimming pools.

  3. Categories related to your business – A financial planner can create boards about financial education, whimsical piggy banks or the exotic places her successful clients are visiting on their vacations.

  4. Infographics – These are especially popular for business and marketing topics.

  5. Tips or inspirational thoughts – Sites such as or make it easy to turn text into pinable images.

  6. White papers, e-books, blogs – Show images of your content’s cover, or create a call to action pin such as “learn how to XYZ” with a button below saying “click here for more information.”

  7. Event photos – From events you host or attend, your community involvement, industry events, etc.

  8. Tie-ins to your advertising campaign – Use the campaign’s images and headlines, and then put the call to action in the pin’s description.

  9. Your team – Humanize your brand with images of your team members at work (with their written permission, of course).

  10. Testimonials – Quotable quotes from your happy customers.

Happy pinning!


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