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A lot of people see the value in having a blog, but don’t have the time to actually write it. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, I can help.

With me on the blogging team you don’t need to write anything. You don’t even have to organize your thoughts. All you need to do is chat with me about the article topic. I’ll ask questions, take a lot of notes, and then create a post that you’re proud to call your own. And I can help brainstorm blog topic ideas, too!


Blogs can increase your exposure and credibility, and improve the search engine optimization of your website. But just writing a blog is not enough; to increase your readership you also need to promote your blog posts. Here are 10 ideas for doing so:

  1. Optimize Your Post – Before you publish, be sure each blog post is search engine optimized for specific keywords.

  2. Include Social Share Buttons – Make it easy for readers to repost your content to their social networks. Consider adding a “please share” graphic, too.

  3. Post to Social Media – Create a series of short snippets, such as short quotes or statistics from your content. Share these on all of your social media networks over several weeks, with links back to your post. Be sure some of these mention any people that you reference in the article. These people may see this and re-post for you.

  4. Bookmark Your Post – Manually bookmark your content at popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Technorati and more. Submit it to niche social bookmarking sites such as for business or for technology.

  5. Email Your Subscribers – Send an email to your list of blog subscribers with a teaser enticing them to click through and read your article.

  6. Join Blogger Communities – Build alliances with others who write about your topic, and publicize each other’s content.

  7. Get into Blog Roundups – Contact bloggers who publish weekly roundups of the best posts in your niche.

  8. Submit to RSS Blog Directories – To automatically publish your article on other blogs, too.

  9. Inform Your Sources – If you mention someone in your article, or link to someone else’s content, be sure to let them know.

  10. Create Internal Links – Add a link to your new post from one of your most popular archived posts.


JHT Marketing & Business Solutions is a consultancy that solves business problems for Southern California corporations and ad agencies. Business strategy expert John Thompson gets results with an approach that’s both hands-on and collaborative.

Although John plans to write his own blog, I was excited to be brought on board to write his website text. You can check it out at

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