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When done well, your website can be your 24/7 sales person, introducing prospects to your firm and convincing them to take the next step in the sales process. Done poorly, your website can be your 24/7 "anti-sales" presence, turning people off and motivating them to look elsewhere. Which best describes your web presence?


If any of these apply to your website, now is the time to fix the problem:  

1.    Sites that are not mobile friendly - Give me a decent experience regardless of which device I'm using.

2.    Long load times - Forget it...I'll go elsewhere.

3.    Difficult to read text - Don't strain my eyes with small or weird fonts, or large areas with white words on a dark background.

4.    Confusing navigation - Help me quickly and easily find what I need.

5.    Blogs that haven't been updated in months - If you don't follow through with the commitments you make to yourself, how can I trust you to follow through with the commitments you make to me?   

6.    Extremely outdated "news" - Has it been that long since anything noteworthy happened at your company?   

7.    Anything that plays automatically - I might not want to listen to your music or video right now.   

8.    More than one "pop-up" screen - One attempt to capture my contact information is okay. After that it's not.  

9.    Any "pop-up" screen that's hard to get rid of - Please let me easily get back to your main website.  

10.  Horizontal scrolling - Most computer mice do not have a horizontal scroll wheel.   

11.  Low quality images - Fuzzy, stretched or squished photos just make me associate "low quality" with your company.   

12.  Windows that don't generate URLs - If I want to point someone else to this page I can't.   

13.  Limited contact information - I might not want to send you an email; I might want to pick up the phone and call.   

14.  Not allowing email addresses as user names - If I need to create an account, please let me choose a user name that I'll remember.   

15.  Social buttons with zero shares - You could have at least clicked that "like" button yourself.    


What Others Are Saying

"You're amazing to work with. All I need to do is give you a call and you take it from there."

Larry Wilhelms,
Director, WestGroup Marketing Communications