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It’s a new year, and “time” is on everybody’s minds. It’s time to finalize our plans for the year, analyze what we did or did not have time to accomplish last year, and think about how we’ll better utilize our time to make the most of each day. While we’re at it, it’s also a good time to think about how the timing of our marketing activities impacts the results we achieve.

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I recently received a patient satisfaction survey asking for my detailed thoughts about a visit to my general practitioner that took place over eight months ago. Too bad I don’t remember that appointment now.

This survey got me thinking about the importance of timing. In marketing, there are many situations in which timing makes a big difference. For example:

  • Responding to inquiries – When someone contacts your business, how long does it take you to respond? Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of business from people who said they reached out to a few copywriters, but I was the only one who took the call or responded quickly to their emails.

  • Sending e-blasts – Open rates for email blasts vary tremendously based on the day of the week and the hour of the day. Unfortunately, the best day and time for one business might be the worst for another. To determine what’s best for you, you have to test.

  • Posting on social media sites – Many social media sites present users with a “news feed” in which the most recently-posted and/or most popular items show first. Depending on your timing, your message could be pushed out of sight before your target audience even logs in.

  • Tying in to current events – Many public relations experts recommend looking for opportunities to tie your business in to current events. For example, when a flash flood temporarily wipes out a major road in your area, you should rush to put out a media release featuring your book on the little known “back ways” to get around town. After the road is repaired your opportunity will be gone.

  • Asking for feedback – As my experience with my health insurance company illustrates, if you want feedback, you need to ask for it while the situation is still fresh on your customer’s mind!


Regardless of the timing, no one can prepare you for a loss. But the owners of Olive Tree Mortuary, an independent full-service mortuary here in Orange County, California, feel it is their sacred honor to serve families in need whenever that need may arise. That’s why clients are encouraged to call at any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year.  

In fact, from meeting cultural and religious needs to bury the deceased as quickly as possible to simply ensuring that all is ready when the memorial service takes place, timing is vital for nearly everything that Olive Tree Mortuary does. To learn more, click here to see the website which I wrote for them.

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