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As I’ve said before, if your company doesn’t have a marketing plan, you’re just flying blind, hoping for the best. But failing to have a plan is not the only blind spot that might be holding you back. There are plenty of other marketing blind spots to watch out for, too!


When it comes to your company’s marketing, chances are you have some blind spots. Guilty of any of the following? Now’s the time to address it!

  • You’re making decisions without data – Many small businesses launch a direct marketing program and then fail to capture the data needed to systematically track and analyze the program’s results. How many responses did the program generate? How many of these prospects turned into customers? Based on the sales associated with the program, what was the ROI? And how does all of this compare with your previous marketing programs?
  • You’re pushing products when prospects are hunting for ideas – This is a common issue when companies first start delving into content marketing. You want to sell your products. But what buyers really want is helpful information. Prospective customers don’t care about you or your products. All they care about is finding a way to solve the problems and challenges that they face. You need to logically address the questions that they will have as they move through the sales process. Especially, “What’s in it for me?”
  • You’re forgetting that your prospects have blind spots, too – There’s a lot of truth to the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Sometimes prospects don’t even know what to ask in order to make an informed decision. It’s your job to educate them, such as with useful checklists, informative articles, how-to videos and so forth.

    For example, say a buyer is looking for an air conditioning unit for their computer room. If they haven’t heard about the latest variable capacity technology, they won’t notice that your competitor’s products don’t have it. Unless, of course, they have visited your website and read your white paper that explains this technology and how it can lower their energy usage and increase their equipment’s reliability.


Michael Bruchet is a mind, body and balance coach who uses a unique and holistic approach to help executives and retired executives transform their mindsets, perspectives and lives.

Michael recognizes that many of his prospects share a common blind spot: they’re so overwhelmed and unhappy with where their lives are at now, they don’t believe it’s possible to start really enjoying life again. Take a look at the website I wrote for him to see how we used an emphasis on fun and enjoyment to address and overcome this blind spot.

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