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In today’s marketing world they say that “Content is King.” What they never mention is how difficult it can be to write all of that content that your marketing plan requires. Blogs… websites… newsletters… white papers… sales sheets… presentations… the list goes on.

The solution: Call me! As your on-call marketing writer, I’m always here for you.


Got a blog? After a while, coming up with things to write about can become a challenge. I’ve written two “ideas for what to blog about” articles in the past (you can review them here and here). But in case you’ve exhausted those first 21 ideas, here are 10 more:

  1. Discuss your quality control standards. If you have a physical product, how do you determine what makes the cut and what does not?

  2. Review a great product your organization uses. What benefits are you getting from using this product? Why would you recommend it to others?

  3. Talk to people at industry events. Share what your learned about their interests, opinions or challenges.

  4. Discuss recent industry research. Highlight the statistics that you feel are most relevant, and explain what you feel these research results mean for your industry.

  5. Recommend a free tool or resource. Provide links to apps, white papers, e-books and other resources that you think your followers would appreciate.

  6. Reminisce. Share photos and memories from your company’s early days. How has your company been impacted by technological, economic and other changes since then?

  7. Profile interesting things your employees are doing. Humanize your company by sharing interesting stories about what employees do when they’re not at work.

  8. Celebrate weird holidays. Take a look at sites such as Days of the Year and Weird Holidays Calendar and then tie one of these celebrations into what your company is doing.

  9. Do a round up. Create a list of articles, industry news, videos and other items of interest. Give it a special name and make it a regular weekly or monthly feature on your blog.

  10. Revisit things you’ve already written. Rerun popular content, add additional items to lists, or write about a topic from a different angle.


Coyote Creek Consulting is a Silicon Valley-based IT consulting firm that helps enterprise-level organizations use Atlassian or Microsoft tools to solve software development or business problems; offers 24/7 remote monitoring and management services; and helps clients meet their IT staffing needs.

To help ensure Coyote Creek has fresh content to post on their blog every week, I work with engineers, recruiters and others from throughout their company. Check out the latest posts on the Coyote Creek blog!

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