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Do you listen to podcasts? Lots of people do—including a good chunk of your potential customers. If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field, podcasting can help make it happen.

In fact, after doing the research for this article on guest podcasting I realized that I really need to be taking my own advice. I am therefore now pursuing guest podcasting opportunities. If you know of a podcast for which you think I’d be an ideal guest, please let me know about it!


With 21% of Americans listening to podcasts each month,* podcasting can be a great marketing tactic. Although hosting a podcast is a lot of work, it’s possible to reap many of the benefits of podcasting without the hassle of having your own podcast. How? By becoming a podcast guest.

Here are some of the top benefits of doing so:

  • Reach new audiences – Most podcasts are very targeted. By choosing the right ones, you can speak directly to a group of people in your target market who might otherwise have never found you…for free.

  • Build credibility – Guest podcasting builds your credibility as an expert and authority in your field, and gives you the chance to connect with people on a personal level. And the more podcasts you appear on, the more your perception of authority will grow.

  • Have a captive audience – Unlike other forms of marketing, podcast listeners are choosing to listen to the podcast. Plus, podcasts are hard to skim. Listeners are likely to hear your entire message, not just parts of it.
  • Get warm leads – You’ll be able to broadcast a call to action inviting people to get in touch with you, download something for free, etc. Anyone who acts on this already knows who you are, has heard a demonstration of your expertise, and has started to feel comfortable with you.

  • Keep getting warm leads – The podcast recording, with your call to action and associated text showing links to your website, will remain available indefinitely. Theoretically the leads can keep coming for years.

  • Improve your website’s SEO – Those links to your site from the podcast shows’ pages help send a signal to the search engines that you’re a respected authority in your field.

Many podcasters are actively looking for quality speakers. Why shouldn’t it be you?


* Edison Research, “The Podcast Consumer 2016


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