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When most business owners think about search engine optimization (SEO) they think “Google.”  But the reality is, YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine, and it should be on your radar, too. YouTube may have a place in your marketing program as a channel where you can demonstrate your expertise, showcase your products, create community, and more.


I recently created an account at a free video creation platform called Lumen5 and took the plunge into having a presence on YouTube. This site, which is extremely easy to use, creates videos based on images, text and music.

To create a video using this platform, here’s all you need to do:

  • Upload the text – While the site says it can pull the text from your blog post, the problem with this is that your blog post will have a lot more text than what you want to include in a video. I got better results simply copying and pasting in the desired verbiage.

  • Choose the text that you want on each scene – If you get too wordy the system will break it up into multiple scenes.

  • Find an image for each scene – For me this is the big time-consumer. They’ll give you some images as a starting point, but these pictures might not be particularly relevant for your content. You can search for images within their site (using a not-very-good search engine) or at your favorite stock photo sites.

  • Format the text for each scene – There are only two choices here. Do you want the text to be white or the second color that you have selected for the entire video? And in which of nine quadrants (top left, top middle, top right, etc.) do you want the text placed?

  • Select music for the video – They have a lot of choices, all categorized by mood.

Preview the video – If everything looks good, hit the “publish” button. About 20 minutes later you’ll have a downloadable video, ready to upload to YouTube!

To see what the finished product might look like, check out my new YouTube channel. And do me a favor and “like” my videos and “subscribe” to the channel while you’re there!


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