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Even if the closest you come to “event marketing” is to attend local business networking events, prompt follow-up is always key. After all, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. They had a chance to start to know and like you at the event. But if you wait to follow-up, your perceived trustworthiness is likely to plummet.

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Whether you’ve got a big booth at a trade show or a table at the local business showcase expo, participating in events can take a significant investment in time and money. Generally speaking, business-to-business marketers make this investment with the goal of getting qualified leads that they can then convert to sales. So you would think that quickly following up after the event is over but while the prospect may still remember your company (and perhaps the nice conversation they had with one of your representatives) would be a priority. Surprisingly, it often is not.

A recent study entitled “Closing the Loop: Crunching the Numbers on Event Lead Followup1” found that just 27% of survey participants follow up within three days. And 18% took two to four weeks or more!

Here are some tips for a successful follow-up campaign:

  • Create a strategy before the event – Have everything written, designed and ready to launch before the event begins.

  • Prioritize your leads – You may want to send the “hot” leads directly to sales for immediate follow-up. Then on the day you return from the event, start a multi-part email campaign for the rest of the leads.

  • Mention the event – Identify the event in the subject line or first paragraph. If practical, include a small photo of the booth to jog their memory.

  • Focus on the benefits – Whether you’re creating a voice mail script or email text, your message needs to be all about them and how you can meet their needs.

  • Make your call to action specific – Don’t just ask prospects to contact you for “more information.” Offer something in particular, such as an e-book, cheat sheet, demo or video.

To make the most of your investment in event marketing, start your follow-up campaign long before your prospects have forgotten all about you.


1 Certain, “Closing the Loop: Crunching Numbers on Event Lead Followup,” August 2017.


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