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Perhaps your overriding business goal is to achieve tremendous growth, like those companies using the “growth hacking” techniques I researched for this month’s article. Maybe you’re only hoping shooting for moderate growth, or (like me) prefer to remain a solopreneur. Whatever your vision, as your marketing writer I can write the marketing materials you’ll need to get there. Give me a call to discuss how I can help you achieve your business goals!


We’ve all read about startups that go from zero customers to millions of customers seemingly overnight, and wondered how they did it. Today there’s even a whole field called “growth hacking,” which is about rapidly experimenting across various areas of the business (marketing, sales, product development, etc.) to identify the most efficient ways to grow the business.

I recently did a little research into “marketing growth hacking.” Here are some approaches used by successful startups that you can apply to your business, too:

  • Start with a fabulous product or service. Product/market fit is paramount. You must be selling something that will truly solve your customer’s problems, meet their needs and improve their lives.

  • Make growth a strategic imperative. Get the entire company onboard. Make sure everyone on your team understands the vision as well as how the company’s growth will personally benefit them, too.

  • Narrow your focus to just one metric. Instead of trying to accomplish too many things at once, identify the one thing you should focus on that will make the most impact. This, of course, requires being very clear about your goals.

  • Track everything. Use this data to find the trends in your best-performing marketing campaigns. What’s working? What’s not working? Based on your data, how can you refine and scale your efforts?  

  • Be consistent in your branding. Your prospects and customers should always be able to recognize that a message is from you.

  • Take advantage of repetition. Remember that prospects often need to see your message multiple times before they will take action.

  • Create great customer experiences. Besides ensuring that your product caters to your customers’ needs, make the experience of using this product and dealing with your company a pleasure as well.

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