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Happy New Year! Hard to believe that it’s the start of another year!

If you have not yet done so as part of your year-end review, this month is an ideal time to review your marketing programs. What’s working…what isn’t working… and what would you like to change?


When somebody is visiting your website or reading your brochure, you won’t be there standing over their shoulder augmenting what they’re seeing with a personalized sales pitch. Your marketing materials must be able to stand on their own—which means they better be good!

If you’re not certain that your marketing materials are as good as they can be, here are some things to evaluate as you take a fresh look:

  • What you’re selling – Can your prospective customers quickly and easily discern what you’re selling? For example, if you’re selling specialized plumbing parts, are you leading with a picture of your team and a “Serving the Commercial Sector since 1952” headline? Or are you saying and showing something about plumbing parts?

  • Benefits – A few months ago I pointed out that you’re not the customer, and urged you to aim to see things from your customer’s viewpoint, not your own. Since all anyone really cares about is “what’s in it for me,” evaluate whether your marketing materials address this. How will your products or services benefit the prospect? What will it accomplish for them? Are you marketing results, not processes?

  • Reason to buy – Are you making it clear why someone should buy what you’re selling altogether, and why they should buy it from you? Are your claims about your product believable?

  • Cohesive look – An important part of branding is to have a “look” that you use across all of your marketing materials, to ensure customers can recognize you. Do you have this?

  • Language & voice – Are your marketing materials written in an appropriate “voice” for your audience? Is the language accessible? Do you put the focus on the reader and his or her needs rather than on you?

Not happy with what you see? Take action now to improve your marketing materials and results.

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