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I’ve been publishing the Plumtree Marketing Minute for 12 years now, and I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of how this newsletter showcases my expertise and keeps me top of mind with customers and prospects alike. One of the secrets to my success with this tactic is to keep building my email list over time. This month I look at ways that you can build your email list, too.


Unlike with social media, where losing easy access to your followers can be just an algorithm change away, an email list is an asset that you control. It’s a direct route to the people who have expressed an interest in your brand, newsletter, promotional emails, etc. Used well, it can be an important source of clients and/or sales for your company.

While subscriber quality is more important than quantity, the truth is that both are important. Building a sizable list is an exercise that’s worth the effort. Here are some ideas for doing so…


Add a pop-up upon site entry – Yes, pop-ups are annoying, but many businesses find that they do work.

Add a sign-up form to every page – Implementing this depends on your website’s layout.

Add a box to your e-commerce checkout form – Give customers an easy way to opt-in to your list during the purchase process.

Describe the value – Let people know what’s in it for them if they sign up.

Let others describe the value – Display testimonials from subscribers who love your content.

Offer a helpful freebie – “Bribe” people to opt in with helpful content that can be downloaded immediately.

Make it easy to subscribe – Minimize the number of clicks it takes to get to your opt-in form, and then keep the form to a bare minimum.

Encourage sharing – Add a “forward to a friend” link in the content you send to your list.


Take sign-up sheets to business expos – Or, better yet, ask people to drop their business card into a bowl to opt in to your list and get a chance to win a valuable prize.

Invite business networking partners – After meeting someone at a business networking event, drop them a quick email asking if you can add them to your list.


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