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Whether you decide to write the text for your marketing materials yourself or hire a professional copywriter (like me!) to write it for you, you’ll want to carefully evaluate it before releasing it to the world. Not sure what to look for? This month’s article will get you started.


How do you know that your marketing text is excellent? The only real way to know is to test it and see if it works. But before you do that, take a close look at the following:

Does it have an engaging headline? Your headline needs to capture attention and convince people that they should keep reading. It should be enticing and specific, and promise rich benefits.

Is it on target for your audience? Before the writing began you should have clearly defined your target audience. Does your text deliver a persuasive message that would appeal to these people’s wants and needs?

Is it easy to read? There are a variety of factors that play into this, from font and layout to word choice, sentence and paragraph length, and grade level (check the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level in the “readability stats” in Word).

Does it have an appealing offer? As I’ve discussed before, the most successful offers are unique, desirable, easy, risk-free and valuable—and don’t need to involve a discount.

Is it believable and easily understood? You’ll want to avoid both hype and confusing text. If what you’re selling is difficult to explain, find a way to make it seem simple anyway. Metaphors and images are sometimes helpful here.  

Does it include third party credibility? Showcase credentials, awards, testimonials, etc.

Does it set you apart from the competition? You must give people a reason to buy from you versus anyone else.

Is there a clear call to action? Do you clearly tell prospects what you want them to do next, such as call, click, download, etc.? Are you confusing them by including multiple calls to action?

Does it create urgency? Why should prospects act now?

Is it error-free? Typos and grammatical mistakes never reflect well on your company.


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