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When someone is online looking for the services that you provide, there’s a good chance they’ll visit a few company’s websites before choosing one to call. Have you ever wondered what makes a person choose one company over the next? Quite often the answer is that the chosen company’s message resonated with them…while the messages on the other sites did not.

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I was recently reading “Commercializing Blockchain: Strategic Applications in the Real World,” by Antony Welfare. My good friend Areiel Wolanow, blockchain expert and Managing Director of Finserv Experts, was a contributor to this book.

Anyhow, there was a sentence that really jumped out at me. It said, “Think of the online games you played as a child that no longer get updated because the company went bankrupt.”  

The online games I played as a child? Assuming “online games” means games played on the internet, these certainly were not a part of my childhood. I’m way too old!

Why am I bringing this up? Because it’s a good reminder about the importance of understanding your target market.

In marketing, you need to start by defining your audience

When I first start working with a new client, I always ask about the target audience. I want to know everything I can about these people, starting with their demographics. Are they primarily women or men? How old are they? What is their average educational level? Etc.

Then you need to use this information to craft your message

These are all important things to know if you want to create a message that will resonate. After all, when writing to sell, a big goal is to make a positive emotional connection with the reader. You’re not going to succeed in creating a positive emotional connection if there’s a complete disconnect between your message and the target audience’s reality.

For example, referring to “the online games of your childhood” when speaking to someone who had a dial-up internet connection when her kids were little is not going to help your sales. This type of thing makes the reader feel as though you are not actually talking to them, and therefore your product or service is not for them, either.


Kelly Mark Williams offers clients a unique blend of transformational life coaching, spiritual guidance and energy healing. His goal is to help his clients build a bridge to self-awareness and remove the “roadblocks” so they can experience balance, joy and prosperity in all areas of life.

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