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To be successful your marketing materials need to make an emotional connection with the reader, get this person to envision that they’re already enjoying the benefits of whatever it is that you’re selling, and get him or her to take action. This month I explore one of the many subtle ways to successfully make that emotional connection happen.


I recently presented a very well-received workshop on “How to Nail Your 30-Second Business Networking Commercial.” On the workshop evaluation form most participants commented on the value and helpfulness of the information I presented. But one person wrote something more specific that really caught my eye:

“You ‘Feel’ like you really care, and that really matters!”

People will pick up on your attitude

That comment got me thinking about attitude, and ways to use your marketing materials to help people feel how much your company truly cares about them. After all, everyone likes to feel as though they personally matter, and there are subtle things you can do to provide the validation they’re looking for.

Here are some ideas…

  • Show them you’re there to solve their problems. Always remember that people don’t buy “things.” They buy the benefits they anticipate these “things” will provide. When your marketing materials clearly communicate how your company will solve their problems, meet their needs and improve their lives, they’ll feel as though you care about delivering this for them.

  • Take the risk out of working with you. If there is a way for you to offer a meaningful guarantee this not only builds trust, it also shows you care. After all, it’s so important to you that your product delivers the desired results that you’ll refund their money if it does not.

  • Make them feel like you’re speaking directly to them. If your marketing materials focus on “you” and “your” instead of “we, us, our, I, my,” at the subconscious level your prospects will feel a stronger emotional connection with your company. This, in turn, will help them feel that you care. 

Even if you’re in the business-to-business space, you are selling to people. You need to help these people feel how much you care, because that really matters.


Integrated Visions specializes in helping law firms select and implement law firm automation software. Much of the text that I wrote for their “new and improved” website focuses on two sets of problems: The problems that automation software can solve for a law firm, and the problems that law firms usually face when trying to select and implement this software.

Claire Barnes, Integrated Visions’ Principal, truly does care about the impact she has on her clients’ businesses. Taking a problem-solving approach in the website text is a subtle way to help potential customers understand how much her company cares.

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