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A few years back one of the big buzzwords in marketing was “delight.” Everyone was implored to “delight” their customers.

While I’m not seeing that buzzword as often these days, I still think it’s a good idea. Who doesn’t want to feel delighted? Of course, making customers smile is part of the “delight” equation.


I recently placed an online order for some silly party supplies. Our “honorary daughter-in-law,” who had been living with us, was moving out, and we wanted to mark the occasion with a little pink flamingo-themed going-away dinner. While I knew that the items I ordered would make me smile, I was pleasantly surprised when the shipping confirmation note did, too.

Your order has left the building.JPG

“Cheers and happy dances.” Happy dances! The unexpectedness of that statement, combined with the way in which these words were presented as a visual afterthought, just made me feel the delight of anticipating the fun we were going to have at our dinner.

The question is, what can you do to make your customers smile? Here are some ideas:

  • Send them a handwritten note – Include a little gift, such as a fun promotional product, some candy or other treat.

  • Check in after your product is delivered – For example, two days after your company delivers a customer’s new furniture, give them a call to ask how it looks in their home.

  • Make “yes” sound like “yes” – Don’t dampen the positivity with modifier words such as “actually” or “but,” since these make it sound like the answer is “no.” Instead of “I’d be happy to assist but I’ll need your order number first,” try “I’d be happy to assist! Do you have your order number handy?”
  • Be cheerful and upbeat – Whether you’re meeting on the phone, on video conference or in person, see it as your job to brighten the other person’s day.
  • Wear a silly hat – If you are calling on clients with whom you already have a strong rapport and professional relationship, why not make them laugh by doing something goofy?

For example, here I am modeling the pink flamingo head gear I ordered from the party supply company. Made you smile, didn’t I?

Pink flamingo hat.jpg

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