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Some say that in life, timing is everything. This can be the case in marketing, too. When developing marketing plans and programs, timing (i.e. when to deliver the message) is one of many issues that need to be addressed.


I recently attended a funeral (via livestream). Towards the end of the service, after the eulogies, the pastor asked all of the mourners in attendance to close their eyes, bow their heads and consider converting to the deceased's religion right then and there. This was framed as a beautiful way to honor the deceased's memory, and it was a fairly hard sell.

To some of the mourners I'm sure this message felt loving and appropriate. To others it was patently offensive. To me it was a

This got me thinking

Businesses today have numerous opportunities to reach their target audience right at the moment when these people are most likely to be open to the message and willing to make a purchase.

There’s geotargeting, which can use location data to make your offer pop up on your prospects’ cell phones when they are close to your store. There are all of the online advertising options where your ad shows up in someone’s search results, or while they are visiting a website that is related to what you sell. There’s old-fashioned print advertising, where you may be able to have your ad run next to an article about the things you sell. And the list goes on.

This type of advertising can be very effective

When you’re trying to decide what to do about dinner, and an offer pops up for a “$20 family meal special” at one of your favorite take-out places, you might really appreciate this type of targeting.

But as my experience with that funeral illustrates, whether reaching people at these key moments is “helpful and appreciated” or “creepy and inappropriate” can be a matter of opinion. Think about this as you’re evaluating your marketing plans.


Regardless of the timing, no one can prepare you for a loss. The owners of Olive Tree Mortuary, an independent full-service mortuary here in Orange County, California, feel it is their sacred honor to serve families in need whenever that need may arise. That’s why clients are encouraged to call at any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year.

To learn more, visit the website which I wrote for them.

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