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Marketing is not just about selling your products or services. It is also about maintaining and enhancing your ongoing relationship with customers after they make that first purchase. As this month’s article makes clear, this can be especially important if you are making a significant change in your business.


I recently received a call from someone I did not recognize reminding me about my upcoming dental appointment. When I asked the caller to please verify that I would be seeing Dr. M, the dentist I had been seeing for the past decade, not the new dentist in the office, the caller hemmed and hawed.

My appointment, she eventually told me, was with Dr. Hidalgo, someone I have never heard of. When I asked to have my appointment rescheduled for a day when Dr. M was available, I was finally told the truth: Dr. M had retired, and Dr. Hidalgo had taken over the practice.

Why was this a secret?

While I realize that in many fields, including dentistry, it is common for someone to sell their business when they retire, I also know that it is common practice for either the seller or the buyer to send out a nice letter informing clients about this change.

Had the new owners of this dental practice sent me one of those letters I probably would have given Dr. Hidalgo a chance. As it stood, though, this all felt so dishonest that I decided to take my business elsewhere.

Here’s the take-away

If you are making a major change in your business that will impact your product, service, service delivery, availability, personnel who interact with your clients, etc., be upfront about it!

Let people know what’s going on. Explain why you are making this change and how it will benefit them. Reassure them that they are still going to love working with you and using your products or services.

Instead of acting like you have something to hide, let people know that you are excited about this change and feel confident that things will be even more wonderful than they were before.


Jane Phillips helps clients make changes in their lives. Using a variety of holistic, alternative healing approaches, including medical intuitive and quantum energy sessions, she helps them release their potential and start living a healthier, happier life.

To learn more about Jane, visit the website that I helped create for her.

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