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I am currently working on creating an online course that will teach participants how to create a business blog or newsletter that their target audience will want to read. A big part of this course is step-by-step instructions on two different structured methodologies for brainstorming topic ideas.

I’ll admit, though, that even with all of this expertise I still sometimes wonder how I’ll come up with my next newsletter idea. Then gems like the one that inspired today’s article appear in my inbox, and the article practically writes itself!


Exciting news: I have received an industry award! Here’s an excerpt (complete with a weird font size change) from the email I received announcing this:

2020 CV Magazine Award.JPG

Best of all, for just $3,131 I can order the “Editor’s Choice” Upper Level Award Package that includes 4 crystal trophies, 1 wall plaque, 4 pages of editorial in the award giver’s publication and more. Lucky me!

What’s wrong with this picture?

As this email reminds us, if you want people to exchange their hard-earned money for whatever it is that you are selling, you must get the details right. Failing to do so can make you lose all credibility and trust—two very necessary components in sales.

In this particular case, they have awarded a “best in South Atlantic USA” designation to a business located in California. And, of course, the award itself is so absurdly specific (Most Client-Centric Freelance Marketing Copywriter in South Atlantic USA) that it comes across as ridiculous. Together, these things scream “SCAM!”

Don’t make the same mistakes they did

If you want to build the credibility and trust that are usually required to make a sale, get the details right. This includes:

  • Any and all details about the prospect or customer, such as their name, business name and general geography
  • Everything about your own products or services, including ensuring that your marketing materials are error free.

  • The images in your marketing pieces. For example, if you are a real estate agent specializing in retirement communities in Southern California, your website shouldn’t be filled with stock photos of New York City high rises or antebellum plantation mansions in South Carolina.

In marketing, even the subtle details can make a different in how your message is perceived. Ideally, you’ll get the subtle details right. Getting the blatantly obvious details right, however, is crucial.

What Others Are Saying

"You did an absolutely fantastic job! You not only understand marketing, but you also have a very unique sense of understanding the client and focus on the right details."

Carlos Luna James