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It’s October…the start of the traditional holiday season. While many businesses tie annual marketing campaigns into the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, you can stand out by doing something different. Surprise your clients, and make them smile, by celebrating some of the hundreds of official “special days” that get overlooked.


Looking for an excuse to reach out to your customers, or something fun to use as the basis for a special offer or marketing campaign? As this email that I recently received from Panda Express reminded me, “obscure holidays” are the answer!

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Every month has multiple options

If you scroll through one of the many websites devoted to listing official days/weeks/months (such as,, or you’ll see endless possibilities.

In October, for example, while everyone else is focused on Halloween, you could be calling attention to International Coffee Day (October 1), It’s My Party Day (October 11) or Wear Something Gaudy Day (October 17).

How can you use special days in your marketing?

Here are some ideas:

  • Create a special offer – Be kind and offer customers a World Kindness Day discount on November 13.

  • Send a promotional product –Celebrate Happiness Happens Day on August 8 by surprising your clients with a happy face mug (imprinted with your company logo, of course).

  • Spur engagement on social media – Post a picture of your team wearing their ugliest holiday sweaters for Ugly Sweater Day (December 18), and invite followers to post pictures of their ugly sweaters, too.

  • Write a blog –Commemorate National Poetry Month (April) by writing a blog in verse. If it doesn’t come out well, save it for August 18, which is Bad Poetry Day!

  • Send an email – June 1 is Say Something Nice Day. Use this as a reason to send hand-written notes of appreciation to your clients.

  • Deliver a gift – If you usually send your clients holiday gifts in December, stand out by sending something earlier instead. How about a nice gift set of flavored vinegars to celebrate National Vinegar Day on November 1?

Take a few minutes to brainstorm some ideas now and add these to your marketing plans.

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